Service Contracts

We at Rick Cools take pride in the service provided to our contract customers. Proper cleaning and checking of equipment and system sequence of operation is very important in keeping your system working in tip-top shape and trouble free. Our contracts include two visits each year, one for heating and one for cooling. At that time the system is completely cleaned and checked. For one flat rate per year you have peace of mind knowing your system is clean and operating at its fullest capability and efficiency, and any and all breakdowns are covered under the contract.



Plan Includes:

  • - Two Inspections per year – Fall & Spring
  • - 15% off repairs during contract period
  • - 15% off filter purchase(s) during contract period

Plan Does NOT:

  • - Cover repairs or provide filters
  • - Give customers preferential treatment


Plan Includes:

  • - Two Inspections per year
  • - Cost of any repairs that may be necessary for your system to be working up to its optimal performance potential
  • - One year supply of filters


Plan Includes:

  • - Service on two or more systems
  • - System evaluation to give most accurate price and efficient maintenance plan for the HVAC system(s)
  • - All benefits of the PREMIUM PLAN PLUS
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